Eye don’t nose

Looks like eye shoes are more popular than mouth shoes… ? 


The eyes have it.


I don’t know what they see in these myself.  


Other body parts were sorely missing from this collection.  They have no nose. …how do they smell?  Heh heh.  Like shoes.  o_0


That’s pretty bad.  Someone put their foot in their mouth.


Sorry that’s so corny.  May need to file that away.


Too pedestrian?


The social danger of imagination

Came across this incidental cubist masterpiece while walking the other day


A visual analogy for inner-city living smashed into the pavement.

Two days later, just to put me in my place, this one jumped out at me


The danger is not that we’ll fall through the grate,
But this grating metaphor cannot abate,
For the perpetual dreamer is someone to fear,
Should we be afraid?
I am not clear.